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choose your viewing angle

For the moment, it is only an experiment launched on the sly and which took shape with a concert video of the American singer Madilyn Bailey who has just made herself known via her YouTube channel.

With this performance at the YouTube Music Night event – which features artists from the platform – and filmed by the YouTube teams themselves, a multicamera device was used.

For the Internet user, the result allows you to choose between four different viewing angles via four thumbnails placed on the right of the screen (they appear when hovering over the screen). During consultation, the transition takes place in the manner of a television producer who switches between cameras during a retransmission.

YouTube-multicameraYouTube explains that the goal is to make the videos " more immersive and interactive "Such a format has already been tested elsewhere, but the popularity of YouTube could help democratize it, even if it will not necessarily be very relevant for all types of content.

Experimentation requires, the multicamera can currently only be tested by Youtubers based in the United States who show interest in their channels.

Remember that YouTube has now chosen the default HTML5 player and will support 360 ° videos.