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bug nails dozens of American Airlines planes on the ground

american airlines

Airline pilots have been allowed, or even encouraged, to use an iPad for a few years to manage certain information during flights. Unfortunately, a bug came to disrupt the activities of American Airlines last night.

A few dozen American Airlines flights were reported last night, following a problem with the iPads used by airline pilots. The airline confirmed the incident:

iPad airplane "width =" 250 "height =" 126 "Some flights have a software problem on the pilots' iPads" shared an airline spokesperson Andrea Huguely. "In some cases, the plane must return to the vicinity of the airport to re-establish a Wi-Fi connection to resolve the problem. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to all of our customers. We are working to bring them to the right destination as quickly as possible. "

The firm quickly isolated the problem and worked on a solution.

In 2012, American Airlines was the first airline to obtain approval from the FAA for the use of iPad during the entire flight. Since then, many companies have used the iPad as an on-board manual, the latter allowing rapid access to information and extended functionalities. It is also intended to be much lighter than the manuals for aircraft weighing up to 15 kg.