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Boeing develops Star Wars-style force field

Boeing patent force field

After Rail Guns and other laser cannons, the next stage in the development of ultra high tech military solutions should focus on defense. On this point, Boeing has just filed a patent evoking a "force field" which should remind something to fans of space science fiction.

Boeing thus filed a patent on March 17 addressing the issue of a defensive "force field" that would create a protective bubble to secure an entire area.

Boeing patent force field "width =" 250 "height =" 161 A force field that is reminiscent of the devices used in Star Wars or more generally on the spaceships of a host of works of science fiction.

This force field should be able to protect vehicles such as homes and sensitive military buildings, but the comparison with SF stops there, since by protection, Boeing intends above all to limit the impact of the shock wave caused by missiles or bombs.

The purpose of this protection will be to attenuate shock waves by creating an electromagnetic arc acting on the wave by reflection, refraction or absorption. It will be a matter of diverting the wave to prevent it from touching the protected site. At no time is there any question of direct protection from the firing of bullets or ballistic missiles.

The system will work in two stages: sensors should intercept the wave of an explosion and measure the intensity as well as the source. A module will then receive the information to create a wall of hot air forming a magnetic zone which will disturb the wave before it arrives on the protected site.

The set is currently only at the concept stage. Boeing will have to find a way to implement the theory, the most serious avenue being considered is to manage to ionize the air.