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blocking of payment methods on websites

In the intensification of the fight against pirating works on the Internet, color was announced last month in the Council of Ministers. A new offensive not targeting Internet users but sites by hitting them in the wallet.

BitcoinThe drying up of funding methods for streaming sites, direct downloads or referencing profiting from pirated works first took the form of a charter signed by advertisers and representatives of rights holders. The second attack will focus on blocking the use of online means of payment.

Banner ads are not the only sources of revenue for so-called massively counterfeit sites. They can also offer subscriptions whether to remove advertising for example or to offer better speed for consultation. Subscriptions requiring the use of an online payment service.

By next June, a charter involving online payment players must be signed. The Minister of Communication and Culture as well as the Minister of Finance and Public Accounts today announced a mission to this effect. It has been entrusted to the National Center for Cinema and Animated Image and to the General Inspectorate of Finance.

"Actors who make available means of payment must take steps to ensure that they do not participate, in doing so, in fraudulent activity"

, says Michel Sapin.

Enough to push pirate sites a little more towards decentralized payment systems taking advantage of cryptocurrencies.