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BitTorrent: Using Adblock Kills Demonoid

Demonoid has had a jagged existence in recent years. Pointed to by the United States as one of the notorious markets for pirating protected works, the BitTorrent link site – and semi-private tracker – has traveled quite a bit: USA, Canada, Netherlands and then Ukraine.

Demonoid_logoIn the summer of 2012, Demonoid servers were shut down after an action by the Ukrainian authorities with the hosting provider ColoCall. IFPI, which represents the interests of the recording industry in the world, had confirmed at the time an action coordinated by Interpol and carried out with the Ukrainian police and the Mexican justice.

That said, Demonoid made a surprise return, first discreet then with a wider regime in March 2014 with the address (Palau's Internet domain) as an anchor and without calling on ColoCall. A return which is threatened today but for a very different reason than in the past.

Demonoid now blocks users using an Adblock Plus ad blocker. If it is active for Demonoid, users can only go further than a message on a black background.

Demonoid explains that its advertising revenues have decreased significantly due to ad blockers, and that it is also difficult to raise money from affiliates. Demonoid has implemented the ability to donate via BitCoin, but adds that users are reluctant. " We must implement certain measures to avoid closure. "

The problem of ad blockers goes far beyond Demonoid and affects free (and perfectly legal) sites for which the main source of monetization is advertising. In the case of Demonoid, there is added the context of illegal downloading with pressure from rights holders and governments on the online payment players, and even on those of online advertising, so that they desert such a site.

Some users – including uploaders – do not appreciate the message of Demonoid and talk about looking elsewhere, citing in particular KickassTorrents.