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BitTorrent offers exclusive TV series

BitTorrent is definitely struggling to break away from piracy, and the P2P network based on Torrent links has completely escaped the control of the company to orient itself more than 90% towards the exchange of pirated files, whether it acts of games, software, music, films, or series …

BitTorrent In conscience, P2P networks are deeply linked to piracy, but things could change on the initiative of BitTorrent which has just announced an exclusive partnership with Rapid Eye Studios in order to "identify, produce and distribute original audiovisual content."

A dedicated platform, called BitTorrent Originals, will therefore be set up to offer content exclusively on a temporary basis on the P2P network. After a certain period of operation, the content will be broadcast on other channels.

BitTorrent indicates that "Each BitTorrent Original project will receive marketing support across the BitTorrent ecosystem in addition to a 90-10 reappearance for the benefit of the content creator." The duration of exclusivity should be variable depending on the projects to extend from 30 to 60 days. BitTorrent hopes to reach an audience of around 170 million users.

The first content to be highlighted by BitTorrent will be "Children of the Machine", an SF series whose shooting should start this spring, its broadcasting being scheduled for the end of the year. The first season should offer 8 episodes of one hour.

BitTorrent has indicated that the contents will be accessible free of charge, but that they will also be offered in a "premium" version charged at 9.95 dollars, without specifying what this corresponds to (we can expect paid HD quality or bonuses) .