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Bernard Cazeneuve tries to rally the American gloves of the Web in his crusade

Bernard Cazeneuve went to meet the giants of Silicon Valley, but especially the biggest players on the Web such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google and even Twitter, in order to make them aware of the fight against online terrorism.

Bernard cazeneuve The Minister thus pleaded in Washington in favor of a "better coordination in the fight against terrorist propaganda and recruitment on the Internet" and invites web giants to collaborate "against sectarian recruitment".

"Today, terrorism is diffuse and in free access" evokes the minister by inviting "collectively weigh on operators" Internet. In the crosshairs of Bernard Cazeneuve: the many propaganda or beheading videos shared on social networks and on the web by the Islamic State organization, as well as the many calls to join the jihad.

The Minister thus advocated "better coordination in the fight against terrorist propaganda and recruitment on the internet." While calling for international harmonization in the field of "legislation regarding the removal of illegal content." He thus recalled the French situation and the law authorizing "the administrative blocking of websites that call for terrorism or promote terrorism." While insisting on strengthening the "crime of apology and provocation to terrorism".

For Bernard Cazeneuve in front of the giants of the Web, it is necessary that "This great space of freedom and growth is not a space of sectarian indoctrination which plays on the vulnerability of our nationals. The Internet must be a space of confidence, but faced with terrorism, we also need regulation and responsibility. "

The major players on the Web are thus asked to remove propaganda content without delay, but also to help governments disseminate "counter-discourse" and D' "use this extraordinary vehicle to disseminate information on the risks involved".

Certain online platforms will be invited to collaborate on counterterrorism investigations: "let us find solutions which in no way obstruct the freedom of expression on the internet nor the economic dynamics which can result from this extraordinary tool."

The Minister quoted the events of Charlie Hebdo in his speech: "These are French journalists, French cartoonists who symbolize freedom of expression, sometimes to the point of impertinence, who have been murdered by terrorists." "France is well placed to know the price that those who are attached to freedom of expression can pay when terrorists blinded by hatred strike. If we want to fight terrorism, it is in the name of freedom of expression, not to obstruct it. "