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Bayonne, a woman saved from suicide thanks to Facebook

This should satisfy Facebook and its various attempts to limit abuse on its platform, but also to prevent acts of distress among some of its users.

Facebook A woman in her forties from the Bayonne region was rescued by firefighters after trying to end her life. The alert was given by friends of the latter after suspecting her gesture following a publication on her Facebook account.

She would have published a message on her profile, announcing her intention to commit suicide. "So I decided to end my life. I do not wish you to live why I died". Her "friends" then mobilized to try to contact her, but without news, they informed the emergency services of the situation.

The firefighters found the forties unconscious at her home, she was hospitalized in Bayonne, she is currently out of danger.

Last February, Facebook deployed anti-suicide tools, still only available in the USA. Among the measures put in place, a module inviting certain users to chat with their friends, to confide, another distilling some advice and support for people in distress.