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Asus formalizes its VivoWatch connected sports watch

After settling on the field of standard smartwatches, it is on that of smart watches dedicated to athletes that Asus puts with its VivoWatch.

Able to last 10 days of autonomy, the watch is resolutely geared towards monitoring the wearer's health with a set of dedicated sensors.

Asus Vivowatch

The Vivowatch connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and first good point, it will be compatible with a large number of smartphones, including those from Apple. It is not equipped with Android Wear and works with a homemade OS that will communicate with a smartphone through the Asus Hivio application, the data can also be sent to the Asus HealthCare site.

No question here of displaying notifications from social networks: the watch focuses on the physical activity of the wearer. There is a monitoring of the heart rate, an estimate announced as precise calories burned, information on the quality of sleep … all taken into account to offer an indicator called "Happiness". Interestingly enough, there is also a UV sensor that will tell the user when he is too exposed to the sun's rays.

Asus Vivowatch

The Vivowatch is IP67 certified, and is therefore resistant to water and dust. Its screen is protected by a Gorilla Glass 3. Its autonomy is announced at 10 days for a charge of only two hours.

Asus has indicated that its VivoWatch will be available in mid-May for a price of 149 euros.