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Arcep prepares the withdrawal of Orange and Free Mobile with the end of the roaming agreement

The roaming agreement signed between Orange and free mobile Active since 2012 has enabled the fourth operator to quickly establish itself on the French mobile market, but it is time for the system to return to normal, namely each its network in dense areas and shared facilities in less dense regions.

Arcep-logoTo prevent the roaming agreement from turning into "substitution drug", Sébastien Soriano, new president ofArcep, indicates at Figaro that he wants to organize the "weaning"quickly and with the help of the new weapons brought by the Macron law which skipped the stage of validation of the text by the deputies thanks to the magic of article 49.3 of the Constitution but must still be examined by the Senate.

TheCompetition Authority had issued a notice indicating that the agreement should logically be stopped by 2018 with local interruptions that can be scheduled as of 2016. Arcep should logically take matters into their own hands and prepare a coherent calendar.

But it is not the only file on which it is expected. The case of the infrastructure pooling agreement between Bouygues Telecom and SFR Numericable could also give rise to intervention by Arcep.

Antennas-4g Sébastien Soriano also indicates that he does not have a priori on the number of players on the market, currently four operators but that many would like to see go back down to three. However, he warns against risk of duopoly whose "all the examples around the world show that this is the worst situation for investment and prices".

Sébastien Soriano is not tender with the politics ofArnaud Montebourg, whose hostility towards Arcep was according to him "contradict the government's industrial recovery objective"and which led to a reduction in resources.

The new president of Arcep therefore hopes to obtain the necessary means from the government to fulfill the missions entrusted to him, in accordance with the new provisions enshrined in the Macron law.

Especially since the big dossier of the frequency allocation of the 700 MHz band, which the government wants to be treated quickly: "otherwise, for lack of means, we risk weakening files or being six months late", insists, almost maliciously, the president of Arcep.