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Apple removes antivirus from the App Store

The information almost went unnoticed until the security solutions publisher Intego reported it. And for good reason, its security application VirusBarrier for iOS 8 is no longer listed in the Apple App Store.

VirusBarrier-ios-logoIntego specifies that this decision of the firm with the apple is not taken directly against it but concerns all the antivirus and antimalware which could be available on the App Store. Apple has simply closed this category of products.

" We were one of the companies affected by Apple's decision "writes Intego. For the specific case of VirusBarrier for iOS, existing users will continue to receive updates for virus definitions. The product itself will not be able to be updated either.

Of this decision of Apple, it must probably be seen the great confidence placed in its mobile operating system (and its inherent defenses) as well as in its procedure for manual testing of iOS applications before their publication in the App Store. One last path that Google is starting to take with Google Play. Soon more antivirus for Android?

Be careful however, Lookout recalls for example that threats under iOS already exist but above all that they will evolve from this year. " Criminals will soon be turning to iOS to launch targeted attacks "writes Kevin Mahaffey, Technical Director of Lookout. He adds that" 2015 will see a new wave of iOS attacks that will fundamentally change the threat landscape on this platform "Apple clearly seems pretty calm at the moment.

The issue of malware under iOS is debated but a product like VirusBarrier for iOS is also used to detect harmful Windows or even OS X which use iOS devices as a means of transit to infect other computers.