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Animated GIFs are finally on Facebook

Users of social network number 1 have been asking it for several years to allow the integration of animated images in GIF format, without Mark Zuckerberg accepting them.

The creator of Facebook put forward a simple argument to explain the absence of animated images on his site: the desire to keep a clear visual in the timelines. In addition, it was also a question of preventing users from polluting the pages of other accounts by multiplying this type of image.

Third-party services were then created which made it possible to host these images with a view to posting them on the social network, but the procedure remained cumbersome.

The situation is improving, however. It is not yet a question of being able to host your animated images on the network, however, dragging a link to an animated GIF directly in a publication will display it correctly.

The functionality is being deployed, and users are gradually accessing it in batches.