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Angry Birds: the end of a success story

Launched in 2009, the license angry Birds pitting rabid birds and egg-stealing green pigs was really the goose that laid the golden egg for publisher Rovio, who multiplied the opus, tried a maximum of platforms and even exploited the vein of derivative products.

IMG_0859 One of the many products derived from the Angry Birds license (click to enlarge)

The piafs were rampant on Android and iOS smartphones as well as on the Facebook social network (Angry Birds Friends) or on the plush and board games of supermarkets. They have shown themselves in their simplest device (the first games), but also aboard a kart (Angry Birds Go) or a robot (Angry Birds Transformers). A real surge in short.

Angry Birds Go iOS (4) Angry Birds Go iOS (5) The Angry Birds Go opus, which was far from a success (click to enlarge)

Now, if it still generates profits, the craze is not the same. The phenomenon has really run out of steam. While the cash machine generated $ 82.7 million in profits in 2012, we are talking about "only" 39.3 and 10.8 million for 2013 and 2014. Last year, the fall was thus of 73%. A textbook case worthy of the name for students.

However, Rovio is not done with the Angry Birds saga. The company always intends to go out an animated film next year. And after that? The amusement park ? Ah, we are slipped into the headset that it is already the case. In short, the publisher will really have to rebound, even if we imagine that it will not be so simple after such a success story.