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Angela Ahrendts Receives $ 73 Million Standard Compensation

Anna Ahrendts

Apple Retail Business Manager Angela Ahrendts earned record compensation of $ 73 million, far from the roughly $ 24 million from Internet services manager Eddie Cue or $ 9.2 million from boss Tim Cook.

The Director ofRetail activity and Apple Stores Angela Ahrendts, debauchery of Burberry, obtained for 2014 a large compensatory envelope of $ 73 million, including his salary of 400,000 dollars, his bonuses of 500,000 dollars and installation costs in California in the order of 450,000 dollars.

Anna Ahrendts "height =" 213 "width =" 215 This envelope is much higher than that of other officials such as Eddie Cue, responsible for Internet services, who obtained compensation from $ 24.4 million, while Apple CEO Tim Cook got a total of $ 9.2 million, more than double compared to 2013, including $ 1.7 million in annual salary.

This voluminous compensatory envelope for Angela Ahrendts is linked to the fact that she was one of the highest paid executives in Great Britain, a position she left for a lower salary.

$ 37 million of the envelope was spent to compensate for the participation she gave up when she changed jobs, while $ 33 million is related to profit-sharing granted by her new employer.

Apple justifies this amount by its interest in a manager who must manage a strategic activity for the group. Around 40% of the profit-sharing remains subject to performance conditions.