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Android: pre-installation galore of Microsoft apps

A partnership with Samsung – and with a global reach – was already known. Like what … it is sometimes better to bury the hatchet and end a contractual dispute. But with its cap of editors of applications for Android, and especially its strategy of conquest multiplaform, Microsoft has also sealed partnerships with ten other manufacturers.

OfficeEarlier this week, the Redmond company announced agreements with Dell, Pegatron, TrekStor (Germany), JP Sa Couto (Portugal), Datamatic (Italy), DEXP (Russia), Hipstreet (Canada), QMobile (Pakistan) , Tecno (Africa) and Casper (Turkey).

All of these manufacturers will preinstall Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive and Skype apps on Android devices which they will deliver later this year. The financial terms of the agreements are not known. Each Microsoft partner is free to carry out pre-installations on the type of hardware of their choice.

This again marks Microsoft's desire to promote its applications and services on all platforms, without confining itself only to Windows. " Mobile and the cloud first ". Note that there is no mention of the Outlook application for Android which is currently in preview.

For the case of Samsung, we have known since MWC 2015 that smartphones Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are concerned, but there will also be tablets in the same case. For the Galaxy S6, 100 GB storage on OneDrive will be offered free for two years. Will users consider Microsoft applications as bloatware?