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Android 5.0 or Windows 10 for the Chinese flagship?

Earlier in the week, we learned that the Mi4, a smartphone normally running Android 4.4 KitKat, was used in Windows 10. Following an agreement with Xiaomi, Microsoft can indeed get feedback from a group of users in exchange for '' a ROM offered free of charge.

The idea would be to eventually offer a Windows 10 ROM to owners of an Android smartphone. In the same way that some people today are turning away from the original ROM supplied by the manufacturer or the operator to go, for example, to the alternative ROM Cyanogen. In short, one way like another to attract users to its nets and gain ground in the face of Android / iOS domination.

ZTE Nubia Z9 Windows 10 (3) The Nubia Z9 at Microsoft (MyDrivers credit; click to enlarge)

ZTE Nubia Z9 Windows 10 (1) ZTE Nubia Z9 Windows 10 (2) ZTE Nubia Z9 Windows 10 (4) The Nubia Z9 with Windows 10 and Cortana (MyDrivers credit; click to enlarge)

It turns out that another smartphone planned with Android, the ZTE Nubia Z9 whose presentation is expected on March 26, ended up running Windows 10, which is more is on Microsoft premises. The reason is likely the same.

The new Chinese flagship should indeed be delivered with Android Lollipop and not with Windows 10. Unless, as HTC did with its One M8, ZTE has decided to offer two variants, one for Android and one for Windows. We will have our hearts out next week.