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an HDMI key connects like the Chromecast for April

The operator Orange regularly searches for ways to highlight its offerings against the giants of the Net and its next initiative could concern a connected HDMI key. According to the newspaper The echoes, the group would work on a connected key project which it intends to propose from April 2015.

Orange-logo Kind of response to the key Chromecast from Google or the Fire Stick TV from Amazon, it would be a HDMI stick intended for broadcasting the content of the OCS channels of the Orange brand and its VOD offer, as well as around fifty free channels and the videos of the Dailymotion sharing platform (owned by Orange).

Youtube, and thereafter the Canal + and BeIn Sports offers could subsequently supplement the content accessible from the connected key. Its primary purpose would be to attract customers to Orange video content and the operator should therefore offer it as a priority to Sosh subscribers and in quadruple play Open offers.

In fact the ambitions would be relatively modest for this Orange key, with the hope of attracting tens of thousands of customers, given the success of the Chromecast, which has more than 10 million units.

Facilitating the access of its customers to its services is a subject which teases the Orange group: in October 2014, it presented during its show Hello a multimedia gateway Orange Homepoint.