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an email that smells like a scam

Here is a new email address addressed to subscribers at the operator free mobile and to which the latter must especially not act. Just like another email we were talking about earlier in the year.

Entitled "Please rectify your situation", the message uses well-known blackmail to try to extract data from the user. The recipient is in fact invited to click on a given link in the body of the message which leads to a connection page, in order to resolve a blocking at the level of the bank which prevents the payment of his invoice. If he doesn't, he risks cutting his line.

Missive with some misspellings and missing punctuation. Login page with a rather shady URL full of non-clickable links (those below). That should have gotten the hang of it. The email in question is a fake and only deserves a one-way trip to the trash.

Spam Free Mobile Fake Free Mobile Connection Page Email and false page (DR; click to enlarge)