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Amiibo in gold and silver in preview at Nintendo: the images

Amiibo Mario gold

Nintendo seems to prepare Amiibo collector, since figurines of Super Mario in gold and silver finishes subtly appeared on the Net before being withdrawn. Either way, the images may have been recovered.

Since their launch on the market last November, Amiibo are a resounding worldwide success. In fact, the latest figures communicated by Nintendo show that 5.7 million Amiibo have been sold worldwide, including more than 200,000 in France.

Golden Mario "height =" 120 "width =" 237If these figurines using NFC technology are intended to unlock content on Wii U and 3DS, many purchases are made in order to collect these models published in limited numbers. Also, collectors throw themselves on the Amiibo and certain profiteers make prices soar on the Net.

Anyway, Nintendo seems to understand the issue of these products and briefly highlighted the existence ofAmiibo Super Mario in gold and silver. The property deposit was deposited by the Japanese manufacturer, as evidenced by the images below.

For the moment, no official details have been communicated by the Kyoto firm, as to whether these Amiibo will be marketed (perhaps at a high price) or if they will be offered under more limited conditions (competition, etc.) .

Amiibo Super Mario or "height =" 198 "width =" 153 Amiibo Super Mario silver "height =" 199 "width =" 153