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Amazon ends 2014 in red, despite a positive last quarter

The titan of online sales, Amazon, has just published its results for the year 2014, and if the fourth quarter was satisfactory, in particular due to the holidays, the company nonetheless posts colossal losses.

Amazon Fire Phone The third quarter of 2014 will have been a real test for Amazon, since it will have really sealed the year of the firm with losses of up to $ 437 million. And the fourth quarter, if it was better, was not enough to raise the bar.

The last quarter of 2014 was an opportunity for Amazon to achieve a turnover of $ 29.33 billion for a profit of $ 214 million.

This end of the year, Amazon especially benefited from the enthusiasm of users for its Premium offer (+ 53% over the year). And if overall, turnover is on the rise in 2014, the numerous investments made by the brand, some failures like that of the Fire Phone, but also an unfavorable exchange rate, ended up weighing too much for the firm.

In 2014, Amazon lost $ 241 million, while in 2013 the company ended an already difficult year by earning $ 274 million. Despite everything, this does not seem to worry the shareholders of the group whose title jumped by 13% as soon as the announcement made quarterly results.

And the trend should continue in 2015, since the boss of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has already announced that the net profit for the first quarter of 2015 should be between -450 million and 50 million dollars.