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After the Puls watch, will design a luxury gadget with Gucci

Even if his first connected wristwatch Pulse hasn't necessarily turned the techno-artistic world upside down, the artist continues to infuse its creativity in new products and not the least since the luxury brand Gucci has just recruited him for a collaboration on luxury connected watches.

According to Vogue, the partnership must lead to the design of a standalone bracelet smarwatch, therefore not requiring a companion smartphone and capable of taking calls or sending and receiving SMS.

Gucci connected gadget

The gadget will offer various functionalities (music, cartography, calendar …) and will carry a digital assistant activated by voice commands. The design of the object will of course use the codes of the Guuci brand.

Luxury brands have been interested in the world of mobile telephony for several years and have regularly offered phones that want to express their spirit. Connected objects, by their even more personal side, are therefore logically all supports to combine luxury and technology.

And if the smart connected watch had already been attempted, technological advances and the commitment of manufacturers of electronic products will allow us to go further in the exploration of this new segment.