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after Spotify, the artist will not offer his latest album on Apple Music

Taylor Swift

Still a rat: the 1989 album by artist Taylor Swift, absent from Spotify, will also not be broadcast on the Apple Music streaming service.

Apple Music app "height =" 166 "width =" 250Not obtaining the possibility of limiting the diffusion streaming of her 1989 album outside the United States in order to preserve her sales of albums on the US market, the singer Taylor Swift decided to remove their music from the music download platform Spotify.

This had revived controversies over the remuneration of artists disseminated in streaming and the relevance of free streaming offers. The debate is obviously not closed since the same artist said that his album would not be available for listening on the platform Apple Music which will launch on June 30.

The power of the apple brand does not seem to have made him change his mind and his arguments remain the same: "music should be consumed in the form of albums" and not be available until free streaming, considered as a true devaluation of his art. Fans of the artist will therefore only find older songs on Apple Music.

This does not prevent Spotify from having doubled in a year the number of holders of a paid subscription, increased to 20 million subscribers, for a set of 75 million users.