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after Google Wallet, an Android Pay service in May?

The subject of mobile payment is still tickling Google despite an initiative Google Wallet with mixed results. As Apple started rolling out a service Apple Pay in the United States based on contactless NFC technology and that Samsung may soon announce its own system Samsung Pay following the acquisition of the company LoopPay, the Mountain View group is preparing to relaunch its own initiative.

Google Wallet logo pro This would result in Ars Technica by an announcement at the conference Google I / O 2015 in May a new service Android Pay which will operate on two axes. The first will let users enter payment methods (credit or debit cards) in mobile applications to allow one-click purchases.

The other novelty will concern the implementation of an Android Pay API which will serve as the basis for NFC transactions in physical stores by using the HCE service (Host Card Emulation) card emulation. Always according to Ars Technica, the Google Wallet service will continue to be offered in parallel, but it remains to be seen whether its own APIs will eventually be replaced by those of Android Pay.

The recent takeover of the company Softcard (formerly Isis), which was born out of the desire of US mobile operators to offer an NFC mobile payment service in response to the launch of Google Wallet, suggests that the Mountain View group has many short-term payment plans mobile.