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After a count, Philae will land on the Champs Elyses

In tribute to the ESA Rosetta mission and the Philae robotic module, a copy of the probe will be installed until May 25 on the Champs Élysée in Paris.

Rosetta Philae comet The mission is historic, since it allowed man for the first time to position a probe in orbit around a comet and to place a second robotic probe there.

Tchouri will be located on Place Clemenceau near the Grand Palais. With the robot, a 1 / 1600th representation of the nucleus of the comet, the models being produced by the National Center for Space Studies (CNES).

Philae measures one meter high by three meters wide, CNES specifies "This is a model that works and has many real systems (computer cards, gears, jacks …)"

As for the comet's copy, it is three meters wide, it was fashioned from various measurements and photographs returned by the Rosetta probe which continues to revolve around it.

Philae, dormant since last November 15 after having exhausted her main batteries, should wake up soon, when the comet is close enough to the sun to allow it to recharge from its solar panels.