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a virtual reality headset to the Google Cardboard

Much has been said about virtual reality headset as a smartphone accessory at the end of 2014, with in particular the launch of the headset Gear VR from Samsung for the Galaxy Note 4. Simpler alternatives have also been proposed, down to a basic model Cardboard made of cardboard and designed by Google for Android smartphones.

It is according to this model that the group LG Electronics has imagined an accessory that will be offered free of charge to buyers of its reference model LG G3. It is a virtual reality headset made of plastic and presenting a cutout to be able to use the keys on the back of the smartphone, which constitute one of its specificities.

LG G3 VR Headset

The control of the screen also goes through a wheel on the side which works in combination with the gyroscope of the smartphone. Rather than launching into a mobile virtual reality platform as the competitor Samsung could have attempted with Oculus, LG Electronics therefore chooses simplicity rather.

With the LG G3 having a QHD display, users can expect a quality virtual reality experience. The price of the accessory excluding new buyers of the LG G3 is not known.