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A video to make people love the new Windows

The promotional hype around the new Windows represented by Windows 10 is likely to gain momentum over the weeks. Already a first example with Microsoft which releases online a video entitled "Do Great Thinks".

As an air of deja vu for those who followed the press conference of January 21 last where Microsoft said to open a new chapter with Windows 10. At the end of this conference, this same video had indeed been broadcast:

The video starts from the foundations of Windows up to Windows 10 which should bring a more personal experience. It also gives the feeling of an omnipresence of Windows 10 … and beware this may scare some. But we are reassured, it is up to the user to be creative with the tool at his disposal (the "Do" of WinDOws).

A curiosity is that in this video, the name Windows 10 is never pronounced. It is only alluded to Windows.