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a video sets the record straight

You just have to look around to be convinced. At breakfast, on public transit, on the street, during work breaks, in waiting rooms, in bed before bed or, worse still, behind the wheel, many of us now eyes glued to their smartphones. Find out about the time, check your messages, look for information or just play to pass the time, any excuse is good to take to draw the device. Not to mention those who isolate themselves in addition with headphones, even the big headphones.

All this time spent being captivated by the screen of the smartphone and isolated from ambient noise, it is as much time when we do not pay attention to what is happening around us and moments when we risk an accident. In any case, this is the message that the Lausanne Police in Switzerland wanted to convey, which deplores the fact that many accidents could be avoided if pedestrians or motorists avoided being distracted for smartphones or music players.

The Lausanne Police have thus posted a video on YouTube where they claim to show a magic trick. It presents a young man in an urban environment who will disappear thanks to his smartphone, music, a messaging application and a little carelessness, run over by a car. A tour sponsored by Anastase funeral directors … The scene can obviously be shocking, but it has at least the merit of setting the record straight. In the street or behind the wheel, we get out of our bubble and we look at what's going on around us.