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a smartphone with two batteries on board for four days of autonomy?

The Chinese brand Gionee has been noted by several smartphones distinguished by their characteristics, whether it is extreme finesse or out of the ordinary features, as in the case of the recent Gionee Elife E8.

This originality could be repeated with the Gionee M5 which would carry two separate batteries, potentially providing up to 4 days of autonomy. Rather than a single large capacity battery that would take a long time to be fully charged, this model could work with two batteries used one after the other.

Gionee M5

The characteristics of the Gionee M5 are not known, nor is the way in which the Chinese brand intends to exploit this functionality which could attract users held back by theautonomy of a big day brought by the majority of smartphones on the market.

The autonomy remains one of the regular limiting factors in the use of mobile devices in general and smartphones in particular and it remains to be seen whether the contribution of two batteries in the same smartphone can contribute something to the user experience .