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a rather annoying problem which is still topical for users

Android Lollipop statue

Despite the recent deployment of Android 5.1, a problem remains. Fortunately, a new patch should soon be deployed and finally come to an end.

Reading the notes accompanying Android 5.1, some wondered about the resolution of memory leaks observed since Android 5.0.1 and resulting in a excessive RAM consumption even after closing applications. The documentation did not contain any details on this subject. It was therefore necessary to wait until the first user feedback to find out.

Android-5.1-Lollipop "width =" 432 "height =" 288

Well it turns out that the problem has not been resolved. This is in any case what the owners of the Nexus 5 have been able to observe. One of them thus evokes a RAM consumption of 1 GB which forces him to restart his smartphone. Another indicates a free RAM of 150 MB after 36 hours of use.

There is good news, however, for those experiencing the problem. The topic relating to the problem was closed, a sign of the resolution of the last. The thing has been confirmed. However, it is not possible to obtain information concerning the deployment of the new patch which should logically be stamped 5.1.1. No doubt that in view of the discomfort caused, it should not be long.