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a quality filter to vacate the trolls

This was one of the confessions from the Twitter boss. His social network is " no one to handle abuse and trolls "Since this sentence that hit the target, Twitter has implemented measures targeting in particular porn revenge. A quality filter is also being deployed.

The purpose of this automatic filter is to " remove all tweets from threats that contain threats, offensive or abusive content, duplicate content, or messages sent by suspicious accounts ". A vast program for this operation, essentially anti-trolls and anti-harassment.

At the moment, the filter only affects the application on iOS and what's more, for verified accounts. At this stage, it is not certain that the unverified accounts of the common users will be able to benefit from it. We will assume that "celebrities" are a priori more affected by harassment on Twitter.

Twitter had 288 million active users per month as of December 31, 2014. A growth in the number of active users which had disappointed analysts.