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a press conference scheduled for today

Today, OnePlus invited the press for an exceptional conference, without mentioning anything about the content of the event, however.

Nevertheless, we can expect to see the firm present its figures, as well as its next smartphones.

Oneplus conference

According to rumors, there would not be one, but two smartphones planned at OnePlus this year, a high-end model whose price would be revised upward compared to One, as well as a low cost model allowing the company to continue to occupy a highly prized market.

Smartphones are not expected until the third quarter, which also suggests that OnePlus might rather introduce something new. In addition to its One, the firm stood out with its few accessories of good quality also offered at a relatively attractive price.

The firm had already indicated that it did not want to get into the tablet sector, but nothing prevents it from betting on other electronic or computer products … It will still be necessary to wait a few hours to find out what OnePlus we reserve.