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a planned release date and a dedicated development studio

Project Morpheus

A few details have recently been brought to light about Project Morpheus, Sony's virtual reality headset. The manufacturer announced the opening of a development studio dedicated to games using the device. In parallel, a release date seems to be emerging.

Particularly promising, Project Morpheus presents itself as a virtual reality headset in the same vein as an Oculus Rift. Imagined by Sony and destined for the PS4, the device is still mysterious.

PS4 virtual reality morpheus "height =" 150 "width =" 231However, things are progressing on the side of the Japanese manufacturer, since the latter recently announced the creation of the first-party development studio based in the UK – dubbed North West Studio – which will design games using Project Morpheus.

In parallel, we learn through the Japanese site Asahi that Sony's virtual reality headset could be released by June 2016. However, it is not specified whether this exit window will correspond to the Japanese or global launch. Anyway, Sony previously announced availability of its equipment during the year 2016. Case to follow.