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A mysterious drone flew over the Elyse Palace by night last week

The drones leisure activities continue to spread among the general public while professionals try to develop commercial uses and obtain the necessary authorizations, but certain events may question the need for legislation.

drone As the mystery endures over the authors of the multiples nuclear power plant overflights French drones on the end of 2014, this is a quick overview of the Elysee Palace which is reported by iTélé.

The craft would have carried out a fast overflight according to a trajectory since the place Beauvau and towards the place of the Concorde during the night from Thursday to last Friday, around 2 am. The drone was small and quadcopter type.

The aircraft was not found, but it was a short-range, remote-controlled model unable to carry a load, although the presence of a camera on board is not dismissed, triggering an investigation by the gendarmerie.

For this reason, the hypothesis of a terrorist threat, fueled by the events of the past few weeks, is not privileged. It could therefore be either a joker or a loss of control.