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a modular living room PC capable of transforming into an Android console

It is the Chinese manufacturer Snail who took advantage of the CES in Las Vegas to demonstrate its new console, called OBox. In essence, it is a "modular computer capable of launching games on Android."

OBox We currently do not know when or how the product will be offered, since it should come out in several variants, with different technical sheets. The idea is commendable, since it has already been adopted by Valve and its Steam Box which has been strangely silent for many months.

The advantage of this OBox compared to other Android home consoles that have not really met their audience in the past, is its ability to offer stereoscopic 3D (for who would still like it), without the developer of the title does not have to change the code of his game.

By taking advantage of the already well-supplied catalog of titles under Android, the console should ensure a certain popularity as soon as it is launched … However, it should be remembered that not all titles are always ideally suited to large screens? In the end, the user could end up with a PC that is not one, no more than a console, all connected to his TV …