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a machine that breaks iPhone PIN codes

To secure the data present in a smartphone, the user now has several options. Basically, it is probably the use of a four-digit PIN code which presents itself as the most popular solution.

Integrated into all of the devices by default, it is a simple protection that allows you to completely lock or erase all of the data on the smartphone after 10 unsuccessful attempts on an iPhone.

However, there are workarounds to bypass this security and force the iPhone. The MDSec company got hold of one of these boxes offered by different suppliers specially addressed in handling.

Called "IP Box", the system offered by Teel Technologies is billed for just under 300 euros, but guarantees the unlocking of any iPhone, regardless of the version of its OS. In a video, MDSec conducted the experiment on an iPhone 5S operating from iOS 8.1.

The operation of the assembly is relatively simple: the box simulates the entry of a PIN code by a USB connection. For each test that ends in failure, the smartphone is switched off in a few milliseconds, which then makes it possible to avoid inflating the counter of fraudulent tests.

Therefore, it is only a matter of time before the box succeeds in finding the right code. However, each attempt takes approximately 40 seconds, enough time for the smartphone to restart. It can take up to 111 hours to decode a PIN code, but success is assured.

For the moment, this type of process is not widespread, given the price and the slowness of the system. Then, there is a method to ward off this type of force attack: opt for a more complex PIN code through the iOS settings option, which allows you to integrate letters in addition to numbers.