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a leaked build 10147

With the Fast Ring, Microsoft has increased the rate of publications for Windows 10 Insider Preview. However, there are still leaks and builds that Microsoft does not offer to the general public testers are found in nature.

This is again the case with a build 10147 (only in 64 bits). The leak appears to originate in China and originate from a Microsoft partner, which therefore did not respect certain confidentiality clauses.

Little surprise, it is possible for the installation to choose between Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview – which was until now the only possibility – and Windows 10 Home Insider Preview. For the rest, Microsoft is essentially focusing on finalizing the product with a view to the launch on July 29.

Windows-10-build-10147-choice-installationBuild 10147 thus offers some tweaks in the user interface as with more applications that use the colored title bar and several applications are entitled to new icons.

Windows-10-build-10147-new-iconsThe center of notifications (and actions) seems more reactive and offers a link to open OneNote, a button to switch to silent mode for a few hours. The context menu has two new icons for display settings and personalization.

Windows-10-build-10147-notifications-center Windows-10-build-10147-context-menu

The tablet mode has been updated with a few new navigation elements and a slight reorganization of the buttons to access recently opened applications or directly to all applications.

The Microsoft Edge browser is finally called as such with the appropriate icon and the abandonment of the name Project Spartan. In the settings, it offers the possibility to switch between a light theme and a dark theme.

Windows-10-build-10147-Microsoft-Edge-theme-sombreBesides zoom effects in the navigation between the parameters items, what was noticed in build 10147 is the presence of an application to get Office and another to download Skype, and the Phone Companion application? even if it is not functional.

Recall that the purpose of Phone Companion is to facilitate the installation of Microsoft applications and the synchronization of data with Android and iOS terminals from a Windows 10 computer. It was during the presentation of Phone Companion that Microsoft announced the arrival of Cortana on Android and iOS.

Windows-10-Phone-Companion-1 Windows-10-Phone-Companion-2

The menu changes for build 10147 are logical since the RTM version is getting closer and closer. However, Microsoft has the idea with a operation called "Windows as a service" to offer various modifications and new features in the months following the general availability of Windows 10.

As usual, WinBeta made a video about the new leak:

Image credit: Microsoft / Paul Thurrott.