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A high-end chipset developed in-house at LG and perhaps at the controls of the future G5

The problems relayed about Qualcomm's latest high-end SoC, the Snapdragon 810, have obviously cooled some big smartphone manufacturers, who are thus considering alternative solutions to equip their flagships.

Based on the latest information, it is expected that the South Korean manufacturer Samsung will favor a SoC from the Exynos family to equip the Galaxy S6 smartphone expected in early March, during the MWC show in Barcelona.

LG G3 Screen LG G3 Screen with its Nuclun chipset (click to enlarge)

But his compatriot LG would also think about it by working on a high-end chipset which would embed a 64-bit octocore CPU part composed of four A72 cores and four A53 cores in big.LITTLE architecture, as well as a Mali-T880 GPU part. We don't expect it until 2016, in other words with a hypothetical LG G5 smartphone. The LG G4 approached for the MWC will most likely use Qualcomm.

LG is not new to the subject since it presented, in October 2014, a 5.9-inch G3 Screen phablet carrying a homemade SoC by the name of Nuclun. The latter notably offers an octocore CPU part with four 1.5 GHz A15 cores and four 1.2 GHz A7 cores in big.LITTLE architecture.