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A first Google Store opened in London

Faced with the immense success of the boutique network Apple Store which attract so many customers in the United States that the Californian group can afford to negotiate arrangements with the managers of the large shopping malls in exchange for the traffic generated, other large groups have tried their luck.

The Microsoft group has a network of Microsoft Store stores while Samsung tries with more or less success to create spaces in which it can exhibit its many current products and technologies.

google store As for Google, the idea of ??creating a network of permanent stores was not favored by the CEO Larry Page. At the same time, the Mountain View group unveiled various initiatives (Google Glass, Android Wear, Nexus …) which can go beyond the simple exposure of smartphones from partners in the Android ecosystem.

In fact, the possibility of offering direct demonstrations for products mainly sold online seems to tickle Google, at least in the context of temporary exhibitions, like the aborted traveling shop project for Google Glass and installed on a barge.

In this context, the group is more interested in temporary installations. He has just opened a first dedicated space within a boutique Dixons Carphone in London to exhibit and try out the company's products and services.

It is truly a showroom, specifies the blog Digits (affiliated to the Wall Street Journal) and the sales generated return to the brand that hosts the "shop in a shop"Several other similar spaces are due to open soon in London.