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a compact, versatile and autonomous projector

LG has just made official its Minibeam Pro, a video projector which aims to replace the user's TV, by its performance, but also and above all to make itself mobile by its compact and autonomous aspect.

LG Minibeam pro 2 The Minibeam Pro is thus presented as an ideal second screen solution, and should delight cinema fan users who do not wish to deprive themselves of their favorite films even when they go on vacation.

Its dimensions are reduced: 220 x 132 x 84 mm for 1500 grams. Internally, it is a DLP LED projector offering the display of images in Full HD 1080p definition for a brightness of 1400 ANSI lumens. The lens makes it possible to display an image ranging from 70 cm to 90 cm from the projection surface, up to 3 meters diagonal when the projector is placed 3.7 m from the support.

The projector has its own pair of 2 x 3 W speakers as well as various outputs to enjoy more powerful equipment (analog, digital, HDMI ARC, Bluetooth to connect it to wireless speakers …)

For the image, the projector has several inputs: composite, component, two HDMI MHL compatible, and Wi-Fi to connect via a smartphone or tablet in miracast and finally USB.

It is possible to play movies thanks to the internal OS and from a connected key connected directly, or even from a hard drive or NAS. The projector even goes so far as to manage the MKV container as well as the subtitles, Dolby Digital AC-3 and DTS.

Its OS incorporates a Smart TV interface which even allows access to the various video on demand offers as well as applications, it is also possible to surf the Internet from the projector.

The price of the MiniBeam Pro is currently unknown, it will be offered for sale from next July.