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a 16 megapixel photo sensor behind, 8 megapixel front

After praising theaperture f / 1.8 of the back photo sensor of the future LG G4, the brand LG Electronics confirms the presence of a 16 megapixel sensor supplied by its subsidiary LG Innotek. In a press release, the latter precisely highlights the large aperture which will allow good quality shots to be taken even in low light conditions and less blurry in the event of rapid movements.

LG G4 teaser

The subsidiary claims that the new photo sensor is capable of receiving 80% of light than that present in the LG G3. LG Innotek is also behind the 8 megapixel photo sensor which will be present on the front of the LG G4 and which will include an infrared filter to ensure better color compliance.

LG G4 Innotek

With l'5.5 inch QHD display developped by LG Display and other internal components from other subsidiaries (LG Chem in particular for batteries), we can think that, like Samsung for its Galaxy S6, LG Electronics is always bringing more homemade components into its smartphones, even if the group will not yet be able to count on its own processors under development and should bet on a SnapDragon platform from Qualcomm.

The LG G4 smartphone will be officially presented on April 28 and LG hopes to manage to sell at least 10 million units.