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74.5 million iPhone flows and record profit of $ 18 billion

The Cupertino company was expected on its quarterly financial results corresponding to the end of 2014 period. Numerous indices tended to suggest that the group benefited strongly from its iPhone sales, in particular thanks to the distribution partnership signed with the operator China Mobile, head of more than 760 million Chinese mobile subscribers.

iPhone-6-iPhone-6-Plus If analysts envisioned a solid volume of 70 million units sold, it is ultimately a figure of 74.5 million iPhones which is announced in the quarterly financial statement for its first fiscal quarter 2015, exceeding the expectations of the most optimistic observers.

As seen previously, the chinese market has greatly contributed to this success by becoming Apple's first market for the iPhone with a breakthrough which, according to the research firm Canalys, would have led the group to take the head of smartphone sales, ahead of world leader Samsung and prominent Chinese players like Xiaomi and Huawei.

Apple experienced significant growth compared to the same period last year, setting its sales at $ 74.6 billion (+ 29.6% over one year) and its net profit at $ 18.06 billion, up almost 38% over one year.

The values ??frankly exceed the expectations of analysts who expected a turnover of around 68 billion dollars. Apple highlights the excellent sales of the iPhone, whose Chinese sales sales did not, however, exceed US sales, contrary to what the Financial times a few days ago.

The group also reports excellent results in sales of Mac computers and record performance for the App Store portal. For the beginning of 2015, Apple anticipates a turnover reduced to a range of 52 to 55 billion dollars.