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69% of US consumers not interested, according to an Ipsos Reuters survey

The watch Apple Watch will be available during the month of April and the press conference in March made it possible to clarify the price list chosen for this new connected gadget which will arrive on a market which has started to organize.

Like other mobile devices of the brand, the Apple watch will follow its own price rules and will position itself on the high end of the young segment and climb to prices charged only by luxury industry.

Apple Watch personalization The group has already demonstrated that it was able to successfully impose a high price grid compared to the rest of the market and that it could remain there, creating its own market segment.

Will the watch seduce the point of achieving a volume of tens of millions of units in the first year as predicted by many analysts?

A survey by the firm Ipsos for Reuters suggests, however, that much communication work remains to be done. Focusing on a sample of a thousand American consumers, he observes that 69% of them say they are not interested in purchasing an Apple Watch.

Carried out just after the press conference orchestrated by CEO Tim Cook, the survey reveals that around half of those questioned had not heard of the watch before. However, 13% people among those who do not have an iPhone say they are ready to acquire one to support the purchase of the group's next connected gadget.

For many, connected watches are only a fad, curbing purchasing intentions. The press also noted that the product was missing a killer app that would make it really desirable