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4G network: Free double Numericable-SFR

As every month, the National Frequency Agency publishes its observatory for mobile network deployments. As of May 1, 20,564 sites are authorized for very high speed 4G mobile telephony (+ 1.8% over one month) and the number of 4G sites in service reached 17,032 (+ 2.4%).

By focusing on the 2.6 GHz frequency band, Free Mobile is the operator which records the greatest number of site commissionings with 376 additional 4G antennas (+ 12.3% over a month). This jump now allows Free to pass Numericable-SFR in terms of the number of 4G supports in service (3,427 against 3,170).

Obviously, the absorption of SFR by Numericable somewhat slows down the group's deployments (+67 put into service) which nonetheless poses as champion of very high speed whether in mobile or fixed. Getting caught on the third step of the podium by the last to arrive in 4G must be quite annoying.

However, Numericable-SFR may object that the 800 MHz frequency band on which its efforts are focused offers a range capable of saving the deployment of as many antennas as for the 2.6 GHz band . The counterpart is a lower debit.

ANFR-4G-May-1, 2015The least active of the operators in the latest 4G deployments was Bouygues Telecom which, however, very comfortably retains its second place (6,590 carriers in service). The leader is Orange (7,384 active media), which also obtained the largest number of new authorizations in the last month.