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40% of buyers are former Apple customers

Samsung-Galaxy-S6-EdgeDifficult today to know about the success of the Galaxy S6. Recently, a company executive reported the figure of 10 million copies sold, which would be well below sales of the Galaxy S5 over the same period. But Samsung can at least rejoice in having managed to channel some of the followers of Apple with its new smartphone.

According to a study by CompareMyMobile and GadgetValuer, 40.69% of Galaxy S6 buyers previously had an iPhone. The largest share, 55.17% would be made up of followers of Samsung, and the rest would be shared between owners of smartphones Sony, HTC and LG. It is the Galaxy S4 which is the smartphone most often exchanged for the S6, followed by the iPhone 5, the Galaxy S5 then again the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. This is good news for Samsung, which has managed to settle down with the faithful of Apple.