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4.5G mobile networks coming soon

While mobile operators around the world are busy deploying 4G LTE and now for some the LTE-Advanced evolution, the Chinese equipment supplier Huawei evokes an evolution of networks towards a 4.5G which should serve as an intermediate stage before transition to 5G now until 2020.

Huawei logo Before the opening of the show MWC 2015 from Barcelona next week, and which should be the occasion for many announcements and demonstrations, the group clarified at an event organized in London its 4.5G strategy and the applications to be expected.

The most visible aspect is that ofsteady increase in flow offered on mobile networks and Huawei's vision goes through a 4.5G that will achieve up to 1 Gbps bandwidth (against 150 to 300 Mbps currently and 450 Mbps soon), paving the way for greedy applications such as virtual reality on mobile devices.

Connected objects are another booming area that can take advantage of advances in 4.5G … provided that you have the right technologies. The arrival of LTE-M associated with M2M ((Machine to Machine) on-board sensors and elements will respond to the multiplication of connected objects (with the management of 100,000 objects connected by receiver) while optimizing exchanges with the mobile network to reduce energy consumption.

Finally, 4.5G must be manifested by a latency communications even more reduced. Taking the example of real-time piloting of a drone by mobile networks and which requires an end-to-end latency time not exceeding 20 ms, the 4.5G must be able to ensure latency times of less than 10 ms, paving the way for mobile applications for real-time control and management.