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3 years later, Mazda ensures Carplay compatibility retroactively

3 years later, Mazda ensures Carplay compatibility retroactively – iPhone Soft

my-mazda ipa ipad iphoneMazda was part of the first wave of car manufacturers partners of Carplay according to Apple.

But since the announcement in 2014, the Japanese firm had been forgotten on this subject. Today during the presentation of its new CX-5, Mazda has finally come out of its silence as reported by Cars, to announce the compatibility of Carplay with all its vehicles sold for three years.

Mazda since 2014 compatible with carplay

Oddly, the manufacturer may have taken his time to get started, he still has not given the slightest precise date concerning this arrival long awaited by the brand's customers.

We just know that all vehicles equipped with technology Mazda Connect will be able to benefit from it and the manufacturer is therefore on the verge of becoming the first manufacturer in the world, in terms of vehicles compatible with the Apple solution. Because on the competition side, compatibility is only assured on new vehicles.

The Japanese brand announced at the same time that Android Auto will also be affected by this large scale compatibility. Download for free My Mazda

my-mazda ipa ipad iphone

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