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USA: the iPad is the "end of year gift" for children …

With the holiday season approaching, Nielsen realized a survey with young American children who are preparing to make their Christmas wish list. According to the results of this survey, 31% of children under 12 who are probed have placed the iPad at the top of the most coveted gifts. It was then that 29% of them preferred to expect to receive a computer or iPod touch, followed by the Nintendo DS portable game console (25%).

In fourth position, we find the Sony PSP (14%) equaled with the new Kinect accessory from Microsoft (dedicated to the Xbox 360) which turns out to be the ?hype? gift of this end of the year.

In the United States, the trend is usually towards game consoles for this age group. The fact that game consoles are being genuinely stolen from the market by other products such as the iPad and iPod touch is a first.

The survey also shows that even if children are not really the target of sales of mobile phones and smartphones, the fact remains that the iPhone nevertheless arouses their interest of around 21%, just behind laptop.

In conclusion, it is the parents who will eventually have to adapt their budget as a result of the holiday season? or not.

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(Photo credit: Geek Kidz )