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Price increase for iPhone battery change

battery iconThe Californian firm absolutely wants you to go through its Apple Store to change the battery of your iPhone. It is a question of security and tranquility. However, Apple seems to be making no effort regarding the price of the battery change.

iphone xr battery

Prices start to rise again

The price list for battery changes has been amended by Apple. Prices leave rise for all iPhone models. A disappointment for consumers, which will make the happiness third-party repairers !

iphone battery change rate

Battery change prices all increase by 6 euros

Previously, for iPhone models below iPhone X, the battery replacement price Out of Warranty was from 49 euros. A price practiced by Apple for many months. Today, for no apparent reason, the Californian firm increases the price 55 euros, an increase of 6 euros !
For iPhone models above iPhone X, repairs had a fixed price 69, today the price is 75.

This price is obviously for the iPhone Out of Warranty or who do not have AppleCare + !
You should know that you have the right a battery change offered, if the battery has a lower capacity 80% and that you did that 500 cycles maximum. These regulations have been put in place by Apple to avoid abuse free change.

This price increase, may motivate consumers who want to change their battery, entrust their iPhone with third party repairers. Apple does not seem to be motivating to reduce its prices so that you choose to go through the Apple Store channel!
 At present, the majority of third-party repairers offer prices lower than those of Apple. When there is 20 to 30 euros difference, consumers do not hesitate to go to the one who will offer the cheapest intervention.