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MediaTek, the Chinese company that makes Apple tremble

Increasingly present on the Chinese smartphone market, the microprocessor manufacturer MediaTek aims to develop mobile telephony in emerging countries, reports the New york times.


While Apple is very popular in China where wealthy consumers covet the iPhone and iPad, the apple brand only has 8% of the market in the Middle Kingdom, which still has more than a billion mobile phone users. However, this is the fastest growing Apple market with the best results behind the United States. The Apple company must therefore face competitors Coolpad, Huawei, Lenovo, Samsung and ZTE. Competitors who alone dominate the rest of the Chinese market for mobile phones and smartphones. These manufacturers owe their success to a single company, MediaTek. A Chinese company has been present in the smartphone industry for less than two years but which can already claim to have no less than 50% of the Chinese market. His secret? The company specializes in ready-to-use software, explaining to its customers how to build a telephone, what software to use, and all under the supervision of consultants who assist them. Especially since the company is ready to seduce smartphone manufacturers by notably slashing its prices on the resale of electronic chips. Suddenly, smartphone manufacturers go through MediaTek to make savings and the ?business? is booming since the Chinese company managed to sell 110 million microprocessors only last year in China, far ahead of the ?world leader? Qualcomm and its 82 million chips cast for the same year.

And to make the most of its chips, this Taiwan-based company has a relatively simple strategy, it focuses on developing countries. A booming market where there are more and more industries. MediaTeck has therefore developed a chip to allow residents of countries where 3G and 4G are almost unavailable, to be able to surf the Internet with their smartphone using only the Wi-Fi network.

The markets that MediaTek targets, such as Brazil, India and China, and Africa, have 5.8 billion people where the United States and Europe have 2 billion.

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