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IPad Man causes a sensation at CES in Las Vegas

CES in Las Vegas is an opportunity for many companies to unveil their new products. Some companies do not hesitate to use their imagination to attract public attention …

Etienne Froment

?We wanted to do something unique at CES 2013. We built what we called the iPad Man. We attached 14 iPads to a metal structure to build armor for this characterExplains the company behind the project.

And it works. In just one hour at the show, more than a thousand people asked to pose alongside the character, who immediately became one of the stars of the show. It must be said that his robotic style does not go unnoticed, and the face of Steve Jobs who appears on the front of the helmet, is probably not for nothing.

?It took two days to build this iPad armor. We drove several hundred kilometers last night to get to the Convention Center from Utah. We have been walking around the stands for an hour, and we will continue all day today and tomorrow to attract the attention of passers-by. ?

Etienne Froment

But embodying iPad Man is not an easy task. ?It is extremely heavy to wear, I hardly see anything there, and moreover, it is very hot below! It?s a really intense experience.?

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